The seeds for IRIS were first planted in the summer of 2017, a time where streetwear was reaching an exertion point. And after browsing Grailed and Highsnobiety for hours on end, we both had begun to find boredom in something which we once loved. We wanted to find something unique, something exciting. Yet on our quest to find new ‘things’ on the racks of various stores in MOE and Dubai Mall, I began to wonder. How are some styles, which just recently became popular, produced so fast? How are these clothes made? If everyone is always looking for something ‘new’, then where do they throw their old clothes? As soon as I got home, I immediately began to research. What I found were severe environmental issues that were rarely publicly discussed. Ever since that fateful Thursday afternoon, I had been adamant to come up with a solution to the pressing issues in the fashion industry. I had found my new passion. I wanted to create a sustainable brand which would forever change the face of the industry. At the same time, Ismail began to craft the designs, pushing the boundaries by fusing casual streetwear and tailoring. Together, we began the process of cultivating the brand, relentlessly searching for sustainable means of production, packaging, design, and all the things in between. 

We are hopeful to bring a change to not only the fashion industry, but all industries. Through the practices of upcycling and closed loop production, we believe that modern businesses can be revolutionized. We know that as a human race, we can strive for something greater than ourselves. As one can see continually on the news, the current generation is growing increasingly concerned about the environment and we feel this brand is our contribution for potential change. Today, we present IRIS, a student-made social entrepreneurship built on the belief that we can do better. 


words by Sani Ali