460.00 AED

Double Layered Shirt

Casual shirt — can be used as an overshirt or on its own. Flowy materials, fits true to size.

Additional Information

Size – Medium

Care Instructions – Dry clean only

Sales policy – No exchange or refund permitted


Due to the nature of the upcycled fabric, please handle with care and caution. Some of these vintage fabrics are more delicate than others, prompting wear and potential abrasion. Iris offers 6-month warranty guaranteeing the mending of any worn out material.




When buying an Iris shirt, know that every single aspect of our product has been considered. From our coconut-based buttons to our biodegradable packaging, sustainability is our primary mission. Our goal is to create widespread awareness of the fashion industry’s malpractices while simultaneously ushering in a new era of social entrepreneurship.